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Hello and welcome to fluidity.com a template by drd
I wanted to finish 2005 with something a bit different. Although this template appears to be simple and the CSS is quite small, it is highly versatile. Fluidity.com is a fluid layout which has all the CSS needed to create one, two, three or four column layouts.
Because Fluidity.com uses a row div called "rowcontainer" to keep the columns together, you can mix and match the number of columns on one page just like I have in the standard configuration of the template.

A note from the author

You can see more of my work on my site: www.davereederdesign.com. If you have any problems using the template or simply want to say "hi" then it would be great to hear from you!

Hope you have fun with the template,


Careful testing

Careful testing of any webpage should be top priority, so I've validated the code and tested the template in the following browsers:

Controlling the columns

Of course, the columns do not have to be of equal proportions. You could specify one column that was a quarter of the screens width and another which was three quarters. Simply specify a column in the xhtml with a class name that corresponds to the relevent column in the CSS.

Now I'll leave you with some Lorem Ipsum to fill the rest of the space :)

Example of three columns!

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Example of three columns!

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Example of three columns!

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Example of four columns!

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Example of four columns!

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Example of four columns!

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Example of four columns!

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