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  • Wednesday July 19th, 2017
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Codeigniter infrastructure is used. You can add the site you are requesting without a member. As soon as the administrator confirms the added site from the admin panel, the site starts to run. There are 42 categories in the sql directory.

Scriptin Setup
  • Application / config / $ config [‘base_url’] = ‘Directory to Wrap Here’;
  • Make Database Settings in application / config / database.php
  • Transfer Files to FTP
  • Import directory.sql phpMyAdmin.
Management Panel Features
  • Category Panel (Add, Delete, Edit)
  • Page Panel (Add, Delete, Edit)
  • Site Setting Panel
  • Directory Panel (Approve, Edit, Delete Added Site)
  • Contact Panel
  • Update Profile Information
  • Advertisement Service

Site Theme Producer : Tolga TURAN ( tolgaturants@gmail.com )
PHP Coder : Tolga TURAN
Admin Teması : Uplon


There is a situation where you work in the local site and not in the site. Problem Corrected. In Codeigniter 3rd version, the initials of Controller and Model Files should be big. (Corrected)


Application / libraries / tema.php has been updated. The latest additions were also listed on the undeclared, corrected. If you download and install only the theme.php, the problem will be removed.


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Bireyin Biri Wednesday November 8th, 2017

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baates Saturday January 12th, 2019


ben kuraadım ama hata ne acaba websitetr.net

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